Tuesday, December 10, 2013

iEARN Projects Inspires The Youth

This blog is going to be about some great project done by some great groups of people from around the world. So on the web-site iearn.org/ , we got engaged in a web circle where we discussed and submitted different topics on projects based on education worldwide.
We have had some great progress so far. The ACCESS group from Ungheni submitted a project in which other participants had to describe the high schools in their community. This project got a lot of great work done:
- Albert Einstein Charter High Schools answered to our topic with a great project: http://prezi.com/ya28keoy2obq/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy
- ACCESS group from Chisinau: http://prezi.com/7ay-zv0bzvbw/highschoolschisinau/
- ACCESS group from Varnita/Bender: http://collaborate.iearn.org/space-13/group-272/gallery/media-19192
- Vasile Alecsandri Lyceum, Balti: http://collaborate.iearn.org/space-13/group-272/gallery/media-19403
- Troyeschyna gymnasium, Ukraine: http://www.slideshare.net/BsByzova/our-day
Those are all some great and interesting projects and we would like to thank you all for your work!

We had to response to the project ideas of our partners so this is what we have done:
We responded to ACCESS Balti (A book for everyone project): http://collaborate.iearn.org/space-13/group-272/gallery/media-19108
- ACCESS Chisinau (Shoter School Breaks project): http://collaborate.iearn.org/space-13/group-272/gallery/media-19151
- ACCESS Chisinau (Helping People with Disabilities project):  http://collaborate.iearn.org/space-13/group-272/gallery/media-19010
- Albert Einstein Charter High School (Science Around the World project): http://collaborate.iearn.org/space-13/group-272/gallery/media-18921

We were excited to work with you: to share our thoughts and opinions on different topics and project. This collaboration is very important because it creates connections among people from different countries that makes our world even better.

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